Chaplains' Corps
Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery, Syria
Damascus, Syria
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SRG 76/1/7069
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Good Afternoon,

this record is incorrect, George is not buried in Syria, he returned after the war and lived a long life, working within the church in rural Victoria and NSW, in places like Wangaratta etc. Happy to provide other information if needed.

Dear Nicholas,
Thank you for your comment. This record does not mean that George Carter died and was buried in the Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery, Syria – although now that I review the record, I can see how this is implied.
Carter is an ‘associated soldier’ which means he does not have his own ‘packet’ of information in our records created as the result of being enquired about but that he is mentioned in another soldier’s packet.
The soldier he is associated with is Edward Pearce Hanrahan and if you look at Hanrahan’s packet, you see that Cater is mentioned because he was in Damascus with the task of verifying and recording deaths:
We inferred from this that Carter was at the Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery, Syria in the course of this work and therefore added it as a specific location to his record.
I’d be very happy for you to add details about Carter’s war and post-war experiences to this record.
Kind regards

From "Who's Who in Australia, 1947.
Archdeacon of Wangaratta, Vic. since 1933, Administrator of Diocese Wangartatta 1943; Chaplain Mily. Forces; Vicar-General since 1931; Rector of Seymour 1902-21; Archdeacon of Shepparton 1931-1933; Rural Dean of Kilmore 1905-33; Registrar Dioc. Wangaratta 1945; address, Wanagratta, Vic.

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