Service number: 
8th Machine Gun Company
Bullecourt, France
Grevillers British Cemetery, France
Date of Death: 
5 May 1917
Packet number: 
Date range: 
SLSA record number: 
SRG 76/1/2613

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Frederick William Deveson, was my Grandfather.
My father never spoke of him, he died when my dad was 11 yrs old. (1917)
My dad`s mother remarried to Thomas Doran. that is where my last name came from.
I am hoping that on the 100th anniversary of F W Deveson death, that my brothers and sister, will be able to honour him, at his grave in France.

To round out Jimmy Doran's comment ... there were five grandchildren and now numerous great grandchildren attributed to this man. First his two sons were Charles F.W. Deveson and Edward George Deveson. Charles died at the age of 75 leaving 5 children and Edward died in a crash and burn with the RCAF in Canada being childless.
The 5 grandchildren were Edward, Frederick, James, Ada Dianne and Thomas, from them the family has expanded manifold and continues to do so.

Frederick had an older sister called Alice Maud. She was my grandmother's mother and she died a year before Freddie (in 1916) when my grandmother was 10. As a result we had a number of photographs where we just did not know who were the subjects. By the time I was old enough to ask about the photo's, my grandmother couldn't remember who anyone was, although she had a memory of her mother speaking of, 'Freddie'.

Unbelievably 100 years later I came across this post and found a photo posted here and can now positively identify Freddie from a group photo my mother now has. Our photo was taken in a park and I can now also be confident that the others in the group are his wife, Edward and Charles. We never thought we would be able to learn who they were let alone discover my mother has two second cousins she did not know of.

We never knew what happened to him, but now I too will remember Freddie on Armistice Day tomorrow on the centenary of his death.

Alicia , I would like to get in touch with you. I live in Whitby Ontario, Canada.
My brother Edward and I have been trying to set up our family tree.
Please reply, if you have photos we would like to see them, because we do not have any. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Hallo Jim, Lovely to hear from you. Yes it would be great to get in touch. I have spent a number of years on our mutual family tree and, with a lot of help, can get us back to the 1500's! I only have one picture of, who I now know to be, Frederick. I will try to upload it here. I have some other pictures going further back which I will gladly share. I am on alicia.chrysos(at)gmail.com and would very much like to get in touch. (Please replace the 'at' with @, I'm optimistically attempting to confuse the phishers!)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Hello Alicia,
I live in Whitby, Ontario Canada. Phone / 905-668-5678
The picture you posted of the little boy and his parents, may possibly be my Dad (Charles Frederick William Doran (Deveson), his mother name was Ada Mabel Blanche, and that looks like Frederick William Deveson. I have a painting of him , and sure like photo you posted.
Hope to hear from you, we have working many hours on this, and like to find more the Deveson side. It is turning out to be a great adventure.
Thanks for that picture you posted.
All the best, Jim Doran

Hello Jim, I have seen these posts and thought I would get in touch, my Nan is Gladys Eileen Smith whos parents were Grace Deveson and Walter Ernest Brookson, she always mentioned Uncle Bill but sadly she is no longer with us, I have lots of info and would love to have contact, I hope this is alright, thank you Jason

Hi Jason,

I just notice your post, this evening. Thanks for replying it's a great help trying to sort out our family heritage.
Any info would be welcome.
By the way where do you live, my family lives in Ontario Canada.
Hope to hear from you so.

Jimmy has made contact with Alicia Chrysotomou and have exchanged information regarding Frederick William Deveson and the family tree. We are uncovering more information on the matter. I am 81 and will probably pass any effort I have made onto my siblings

For years now I have been tryin g to track down, my Grandfather's birthday , I finally came across it.
He was born August 1, 1882, this was a great find, I have been looking for years.
I found the date May 3,2021, he was shot May 4th/17 and died May5th/17.--------104 years later, amazing.

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